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Breast Implant Misconceptions

September 19, 2012

If you are considering getting implants for your breasts, it’s important to understand some common misconceptions that are associated with augmentation. On the internet, you’ll find claims of ridiculous side-effects and long-term effects that simply are not associated with augmentation. Unfortunately, we live in a time where people claim to be ‘gurus’, but they actually know very little on their chosen subject.

According to, one Doctor claimed that Breast Implants rupture easily and pose a severe health risk to all patients. This in itself is a ridiculous claim. Manufacturers of breast implants have to undergo severe and rigorous health and safety checks before they are even able to manufacture the product. The government claims huge tax allowances on breast augmentation, which means they set the standards for high-quality work. The actual chance of a breast implant rupturing is extremely rare and usually only happens following incidents such as car accidents.

Yet another misconception is that implants need to be replaced every ten years. While replacement of implants is often deemed necessary at some point during a woman’s life, there’s no scientific evidence to suggest that implants only have a lifetime of ten years. Doctor’s do recommend having your implants checked over several years to be sure that nothing has gone wrong. If your Doctor notices anything even slightly wrong with them, they will usually carry out a procedure to fix or replace them, and it’s usually free of charge (depending on your insurance policy). It should be said though that the majority of women who undergo augmentation actually never experience any issues with their implants and never have to have them replaced or corrected.

The reality is, breast implants are a safe and solid way of successfully increasing your breast size. The most important thing to consider when choosing to go ahead with augmentation is the Doctor you are choosing to use. Your Doctor should be fully qualified and should have a positive track record of successfully carrying out the procedure. If your Doctor is well-known and is praised within the industry, it won’t be too hard to find positive reviews and testimonials about them on the Internet.


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