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Proof That Extenders Work

November 2, 2011

Penis extenders are obviously penis enlargement devices designed to promote increases in both penile length and girth. Several brands of these devices are available in the market, said products of which usually have accessories, instructional DVDs on usage, and related items like books on enhancing male sexual performance.

Tribal and Surgical Uses

All penis extenders work on the basic principles of mechanical traction. It is a principle used for both primitive tribal and modern surgical procedures. The manufacturers of these penile enlargement devices used said principle in designing their products albeit in a novel approach.

A few examples of the ways with which mechanical traction is used in tribes and in the field of medicine are:

• Thailand’s Padaung tribe use rings to achieve progressively longer necks

• Bones are stretched using traction devices as part of cosmetic limb lengthening

• Grafted skin is stretched over areas with third-degree burns

Penis extenders work in the same manner. By gradually stretching penile tissues with the regular and proper use of a traction device, the penis becomes longer and larger. Keep in mind that the results are not immediate but instead happen over a period of several weeks, even months depending on the age and physical condition of the user. It is also important to use penis extenders for as long as possible on a daily basis – studies have shown 4 to 6 hours is a good peg – to observe the desired results.

Cellular Events

The design of penis extenders is based on a well-known scientific occurrence known as mitosis. It occurs in several instances of an organism’s life including growth from infant to adult stage; cell replacement such as in the formation of new skin cells, digestive cells and red blood cells; and in regeneration of body parts like in the case of starfishes.

Mitosis is a cellular process whereby a eukaryotic cell divides its chromosomes located in its cell nucleus, thus, forming two identical cells albeit with two distinct nuclei. This is almost immediately followed by cytokinesis, a process whereby the nuclei, cytoplasm, membranes and organelles into two distinct cells. The process repeats over and over again such that new cells, tissues and muscles are produced.

With that being said, it is easier to understand how the best penis extenders work. As the penile cells are stretched, microscopic tears are formed on the penile tissues. These microscopic tears are then patched up, so to speak, via mitosis wherein new identical cells are formed. The result after a few months of continuous use: longer penises with wider girths coupled with firmer erections lasting for longer periods.

The firmer erections are because of the greater amount of blood flowing through the penis’ blood vessels. With each stretching of the penile skin, the blood vessels are also stretched, thus, allowing more blood flow to the penis during erections. Indeed, penis extenders not only extend penile length and girth but also extend sexual pleasure for both the men and their partners-in-bed. More information:

There have been several studies conducted about the efficacy of penis extenders. Just to name a few:

• Study conducted by Dr. Paolo Gontero, which showed as much as 35% increase in penile length

• Research published in the International Journal of Impotence Research wherein the use of penis extenders increased penile length by 0.7 inches on average

Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You must try one of the brands of penis extenders to see for yourself that, indeed, these penile traction devices work well.

How Penis Enlargement Pills Work and How They Can Improve Your Sex Life

Ask any guy and they will tell you the penis is a vital organ for a happy sex life. The size of your manhood is indicative of confidence and self-esteem as dictated by modern society. In other words, having a big dick matters. It’s considered to be a complex organ which normally remains flaccid, but with proper stimulation gets erected and enlarged in size. During the erection phase, the amount of the testosterone hormone increases in the body sending more blood into the shaft, which results in an erection. A small percentage of men have a smaller size than average size. The good news is that length and girth size can be increased by a significant degree by using a penis extender, according to

The basic principle for penile enlargement is to gather more amount of blood to the penis for longer time and the blood pressure will automatically elongate the penile tissues. The best method but most risky is the surgical method. Other solutions include pills & herbs, penis pumps, penis exercises, penis patches etc.
Among all the techniques listed, penis pills are considered to be the best and safest medium to increase erectile length and girth. Herbal supplements increase circulation, stamina, and satisfaction. One to three tablets per day are needed and should be taken for a few months to achieve significant gains.

If someone is searching for a method, which can simultaneously serve the purposes of virility, staying power & penis enhancement then; the all-natural supplements should obviously be the best choice. It is really surprising to find a really huge number of men who want to enlarge their dick.

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